Board of Supervisors

Conservation District Supervisors are volunteers who serve 3-year terms without financial compensation, other than reimbursement for expenses like mileage to board meetings. State law requires that at least three members of the board must be land owners or farm operators within the district. Three members of each district board are elected by registered voters within the district, and two members are appointed by the Washington State Conservation Commission.

Eastern Klickitat Conservation District Board of Supervisors

Peter Mercer (appointed) term expires 2021

Ron Juris, Chair (elected) term expires 2019 (Ron has been serving since 1982!)

Steve Matsen, Auditor (elected)  term expires 2021 (Steve has been serving since 1997!)

Karen Van de Graaf-Erickson (appointed) term expires 2020

Jason Blain (elected) term expires 2020