USDA Agency Offers Free Conservation Plan in Washington State

SPOKANE, WA, Jan. 6, 2015 – USDA’s Natural Resources Conservation Service is offering a free conservation plan on private land in Washington State through the Voluntary Natural Resources Conservation Plan sign-up.
A conservation plan is a resource management system-level plan for all land-use and natural resource concerns – including soil, water, air, plants, animals, humans and energy – associated with a farm, ranch, forest, shellfish, or aquaculture operation. In order to qualify for the sign-up, all contiguous tracts must be included in the plan and all the land must be within Washington State.
Benefits of a conservation plan include identification of immediate or potential resource problems that could harm production. Conservation plans also help landowners and operators comply with environmental regulations and may help landowners and operators access various USDA and other voluntary conservation programs.
The sign-up will be open from January 6 through March 20, 2015. Producers can apply at their local NRCS field offices.
For more information, visit the NRCS Washington website, or contact:

Peter Bautista, Assistant State Conservationist for Operations  509-323-2941
Sergio Paredes, Goldendale FO Resource Conservationist  509-773-5822
Konrad Bomberger, Goldendale FO Range Management Specialist  509-773-5822

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