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January 21, 2015 Ron Shultz, Policy Director
Washington State Conservation Commission

Farm Succession Planning Workbook now available

Olympia, WA – The Washington State Conservation Commission’s Office of Farmland Preservation is pleased to release Planning the Future of your Farm: A workbook supporting specialty crop farm transfer decisions. This workbook is available in English and Spanish, both online and in print.
“Washington has experienced a significant loss of productive farmland over the past several years,” said Ron Shultz, Policy Director of the State Conservation Commission. “One factor contributing to this loss of farmland is an aging farmer population and the need for transition planning to ensure the farm will pass to future generations as a working farm.”
Planning the Future of Your Farm is designed to help families keep their farmland in production or “in the family” as it passes to the next generation. Content is presented in four sections, each corresponding to a suggested planning process and supported by worksheets. Families can use it themselves or under the guidance of a professional advisor.
The Office of Farmland Preservation (OFP), located within the Washington State Conservation Commission, works to support the retention of farmland and ensure the continued viability of farming for future generations. This is achieved with tools such as innovative economic incentives, direct landowner assistance, education and outreach, local land use planning, food policy development, tax policy, farm succession, agricultural conservation easements, ecosystem markets, research assistance, and more.
Planning the Future of Your Farm is available online at To request a hard copy, please email with mailing information or call 360-407-6200.

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